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A Backflow prevention device is required to be installed on ALL properties where there is risk of contaminating the drinking water supply.

As a home owner, you must ensure that:

  1. You have the right kind of backflow device installed at your property
  2. the device is properly maintained

How Rainman Plumbing Services can help you:

  • Suggest the type of Back Flow device
  • Available for annual Back Flow testing
  • Installing the devices on the outlet
  • Completing a certificate of compliance and maintenance report

Backflow occurs when water from your property flows backwards into our pipes. This may carry contaminants that can harm people’s health. It can be caused by faulty prior plumbing, drop in pressure in the main and water pressure at the property is higher than at the main.

We leave the job cleaner than what it was, so book now and assess, install or fix your Back Flow device.

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