Water Filter


Water filters clear and purify the water from harmful products that could be lurking in the tap water.

Fixing tap (before and after) Fixing tap (before and after)
Tap Repair Tap Repair

Contaminants such as:

  • dust
  • sediment
  • chemicals
  • rust

What kind of effects could this be having on your family? Not only is it dangerous it might smell or give your water a bad taste.

Luckily the simple solution is for Rainman Plumbing Services to come in and supply a water filter system. We ensure your new water filter attaches easily to existing plumbing with no hassle and as fast as possible. Call us on 0424 904 170 or 0411 493 650 and we’ll call you back!

Water filters help prevent the rust from pipe breakdown; this in turn causes damage to hot water units, tap ware, dishwashers and washing machines. If something is not done this damage could end up costing you thousands in the long term. Water safety and quality are fundamental to human development and well-being. Providing access to safe water is one of the most effective instruments in promoting health and reducing poverty. Dirty or contaminated water can therefore cause short term illness or bugs, or possibly even in the long term due to constant exposure cause chronic disease or shortening of life expectancy.