Leaking Tap


Leaking taps are not only majorly annoying but if you leave them to long they can cost you hundreds in water bills. Not to mention wasting thousands of litres of water. Leaking taps are very common and happen in houses old or new.

Leaking Tap Leaking Tap

Leaks can come from all parts of the house including:

  • Shower head
  • Pipes
  • Pool
  • Water tanks

Ways in which we treat leak detection:

  • Check the pressure valve on the hot water tank
  • Remove the top off the toilet tank and listen carefully for a hissing
  • Check the meter line for the source of the leak
  • Look at all external hose bibs
  • Check all garden taps, shower heads and pools for any possible signs of leakage

At Rainman we use cutting edge technology and smarts to find the source of your leak and put an end to it. Upfront fair and honest pricing. Call us now on 0424 904 170 or 0411 493 650.